Present Perfect Continuous и Present Perfect c упражнениями

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 Различия между Present Perfect Continuous и Present Perfect с упражнениями.


(Не забывай - чаще всего Present Perfect Continuous означает причину, а Present Perfect - результат.)


Разберем ситуации:

1) Ann's clothes are covered in paint. She has been painting the ceiling. - Анина одежда испачкана в краскеОна красила потолок. - Это Present Perfect Cont. Нас интересует действие. Нам не важно, закончено действие или нет. В данном случае действие еще не закончено.


The ceiling was white. Now it's blue. She has painted the ceiling. - Это Present Perfect. В этом случае главное то, что действие было завершено. Нас интересует результат, а не само действие.


2) Мы используем Present Perfect Cont., чтобы сказать, как долго что-то продолжалось:

Ann has been writing letters all day.

How long have you been reading that book?

Jim has been playing tennis since 2 o'clock.


Мы используем Present Perfect, чтобы сказать, сколько мы уже сделали, например, сколько писем написали, или сколько раз мы делали что-то:

Ann has written ten letters today.

How many pages of that book have you read?

Jim has played tennis three times this week.



Некоторые глаголы не используются в продолженных формах. Например, глагол know. С ним нужно говоритьhave known, а не have been knowing.

Список (неполный) таких глаголов:

Want Need Prefer (предпочитать)

Like Love Hate

Belong (принадлежать)

See Hear

Know Realise Believe

Suppose Mean Understand Remember Forget Seem




В этом упражнении надо прочитать ситуации и написать два предложения, одно с Present Perfect и одно сPreset Perfect Continuous. Пример:

Tom is reading a book. He has started two hours ago and he is on page 53.

(he/read/for two hours) He has been reading for two hours.

(he/read/53 pages so far) He has read 53 pages so far. (so far - до сих пор, пока ещё, пока)

1. Linda is from Australia. Now she is traveling round Europe. She began her tour three months ago.

(she/travel/around Europe for three months)_______

(she/visit/six countries so far)___________________

2. Jimmy is a tennis champion. He began playing tennis when he was 11 years old. Now he has just won the national championship for the fourth time.

(he/play tennis/since he was 11)_____________

(he/win/ the national championship four times)__________

3. Bill and Andy make films. They start making films together when they left college.

(they/make/films since they left college)___________

(they/make/ten films since they left college)




В этом упражнении нужно поставить глагол в правильную форму. Пример:

have lost (lost) my key. Can you help me look for it?

You look tired. Have you been working (you/work) hard?


1.        Look! Somebody _______________(break) that window.

2.        I _____________ (read) the book you gave me but I ___________ (not/finished) it yet.

3.        'Sorry I'm late.' 'That's all right. I __________(not/wait) long.

4.        Hello! I ______________ (clean) the windows. So far I _________ (clean) five of them and there are two more to do.

5.        There is a strange smell here ________ (you/cook) something?

6.        My brother is an actor. He __________ (appear) in several films.







1. She has been traveling around Europe for three months. She has visited six countries so far.

2. He has been playing tennis since he was 11. He has won the national championship four times.

3. They have been making films since they left college. They have made ten films since they left college.





1. Look! Somebody has broken that window.

2. I have been reading the book you gave me but I haven’t finished it yet.

3. 'Sorry I'm late.' 'That's all right. I have not been waiting long.

4. Hello! I have been cleaning the windows. So far I have cleaned five of them and there are two more to do.

5. There is a strange smell here. Have you been cooking something?

6. My brother is an actor. He has appeared in several films.

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